Joshua D. Naggar, Attorney at Law, and Real Estate Broker, is the next step in the evolution of REO/Asset Management. Having legal counsel who is also a broker means your bank or firm will be enjoy professionalism, accountability, and results.

Our team has years of experience in real estate transactions, real estate appraisals, and real estate litigation. Our office is located in Perris, California, in the Historic Old Southern Hotel, which places our office in the center of Riverside County and within striking distance of the entirety of the Inland Empire.

What can we do for you?

Our office provides high-end and tailored services related to your REO/Asset management needs, specifically, we sell real estate and specialize in Commercial, Residential, and Land.

Why choose an attorney/broker team with master appraisers on staff, isn’t that over-kill?

As a real estate litigator, I was appalled at the level of service basic brokerages were offering their REO clients, specifically, seemed like everywhere I looked there was fiduciary fraud, interested transactions, and subpar service. As an attorney/broker firm our office will submit all offers to the client, will not take part in any interested activities, and our office does not permit dual-agency on any REO files. Welcome to integrity, professionalism, accountability, and results.

Some REO/Asset Managers do not spend a lot on marketing, how do you approach marketing?

Our office enjoys a robust marketing understanding as a result of the varied practice areas and approaches we have enjoyed over the years. Typically, we demand professional photos of any listing with our name on it accompanied by video as well as maps directing people to the location of the subject property. Further, we advertise on loopnet when applicable (mostly commercial) and offer premium listing subscriptions to our REO listings. We are not afraid to spend on marketing and consider it par for the course to have the best marketing fit for the specific product as well as what you get when you choose to do business with our office.

 Staff/Onsite Expertise:

  1. Real Estate Brokers (plural),
  2. Real Estate Appraiser (Master Designation),
  3. Real Estate Attorney,
  4. Agents,
  5. Seasoned Office Support Staff.

Infrastructural Support:

  1. Office building,
  2. Meeting rooms,
  3. Computers, scanners, you name it,
  4. Industrial copy/printers.

Economic Support:

  1. Office has been in business for 9 years and has grown every year.
  2. Office always enjoys 6-12-month capitalization as well as open lines of credit for $100,000.00.
  3. Rehabbing or marketing your property will never be a matter of capital and will always be a matter of your choosing a high-end and tailored REO/Asset Management experience.

 Drive-by Broker’s Price Opinion (BPO)

  1. Not only do we offer a BPO, our onsite broker/appraiser (master appraiser) offers an opinion that is unlikely matched by an office that does not enjoy a master-appraiser on the team.
  2. Exterior inspections and photographs, (3) comparables with photographs, and conclusion as to the value/estimated market value.

Certified Market Analysis (CMA)

  1. Our staff will evaluate, and analyze the interior and provide your firm with:
    1. Interior/Exterior Inspection with photographs,
    2. Our comments about the subject property,
    3. And again, (3) comparables with photographs (sales/listing).

Transparency/Appraisal/Independent Fee Appraisal

  1. Whether we are dealing with a traditional transaction and a traditional disinterested appraiser chosen by a 3rd party lending institution, or an investor who we require to use an independent fee appraisal, our goal is transparency, value, accountability, and reliability. That is why you have chosen an attorney/broker team.

Unique Experiences/Tailored Assignments

  1. Our team has many talents and would be more than happy to assist your firm with interviewing tenants, tenant communication, or otherwise communicating with 3rd parties related to a transaction.

Purchase Contracts/Financial Qualifications of Buyers

  1. Our Asset Manager, Joshua D. Naggar, has reviewed and litigated thousands of residential real estate purchase contracts. Further, the team has assisted with the sale/listing of hundreds if not thousands of properties with decades of experience.
  2. Further, many of our staff are former loan officers and are familiar with understanding the financial strength of a buyer and deal.


  1. From listing, to escrow, to closing, our team is experienced and will monitor your asset’s transition to liquidation.
  2. Our team will provide a strict and prompt accounting related to your file.

Small Office/Firm Mentality

  1. Our office is looking to form long-term and/or exclusive relationships with firms that recognize our value, have a need for dedicated services, and that basically want to sleep better at night knowing their assets are being handled by an unparalleled team of professionals.