With the passage of Proposition 64, Recreational Cannabis is fast upon us and Medical Cannabis Cooperatives can legally operate in California; and one of the areas of legal practice we specialize in at Naggar Law is Cannabis Legal Consulting.  Joshua D. Naggar is a trusted name in cannabis and at Naggar Law we are well versed in state and local marijuana laws including; SB 94Proposition 215 (“Compassionate Use Act”), Proposition 64 (“Adult Use of Marijuana Act”), Senate Bill 420 (“Medical Marijuana Program Act”), “The Medical Marijuana Regulation Safety Act” (AB266, AB243, SB643), Perris J & K (Local Perris Regulations), MMRSA (“Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act”), as well as City of Riverside v. Inland Empire Patients Health & Wellness Center, Inc.

NaggarLaw offers a full range of cannabis legal consulting services for marijuana dispensaries, medical marijuana patients, cannabis cultivators, cannabis collectives, cannabis entrepreneurs and recreational marijuana investors.
Cannabis Consultation: Cannabis consultations for $300. This is your opportunity to ask an industry leader all about the cannabis industry! Call or text Kate today at 951.287.8518 to schedule your premium consultation to discuss your options and find out how Perris cannabis attorney Joshua D. Naggar can help your cannabis business.

Who should give us a call:

  1. Cannabis Entrepreneurs
  2. Land owners who own property in “Green Zones
  3. Consultants: real estate agents, cannabis business owners, accountants, etc, and
  4. People who want to be in the know about the local cannabis market and industry.

We do have clients with local and state permits.

Whether you need to understand how to approach starting your cannabis business or whether you need to understand how to maximize your cannabis real estate asset, we can help!

Our initial consultation is set-up to analyze your goals, bring awareness to how you can realize your goals, and to structure your approach to achieving cannabis market entry.

For landlords we can offer a multitude of options related to maximizing your cannabis asset.

For investors and those who wish to further their awareness of cannabis market options we are also a great first step in understanding the framework of local and state cannabis compliance as well as the cannabis market in general.

Information is a premium in the cannabis industry and operating with up-to-date and accurate information is an absolute must in the cannabis industry.

Cannabis Consulting:  Where to begin and how to realize your goals.
Cannabis Permit Processing:  We can assist with both local and state cannabis applications.
Cannabis Investing: Want to invest in the cannabis market but don’t know how to start? Are you from out of town and need to be dialed-in?
Cannabis Real Estate: Do you own property in a “Green Zone” and need help understanding how to maximize your property?  Land owners in Perris or Lake Elsinore please call us today!  We can advise on how to maximize your parcel’s economic potential depending on your goals!

We help our Southern California marijuana legal consulting clients with obtaining Local Permits, State Permits, and Cannabis Legal Consulting. Naggar Law is the go to law firm for legal consulting related to marijuana dispensaries in Perris, the Inland Empire, Orange County and Los Angeles.  From our office located conveniently in downtown Perris, CA we are able to serve cannabis consulting clients across Southern California.

  1. Marijuana Dispensaries: We can help you with the all of the local and state permits that you’ll need as well as consult you on all things cannabis related.
  2. Cannabis Cultivators: We offer legal consulting to cannabis cultivators on a wide range of issues from the proper local and state permitting applications to patient cannabis flower recommendations.
  3. Cannabis Investors and Marijuana Entrepreneurs: We have our finger on the pulse of the cannabis business community and have many opportunities for cannabis entrepreneurs wishing to invest in California’s “Green Gold Rush”.  Purchasing dispensariesfinancing development, be the first to market with Joshua D. Naggar!

Call or text Kate today at 951.287.8518 to schedule your premium consultation to discuss your options and find out how Perris cannabis attorney Joshua D. Naggar can help your cannabis business.  We know your rights and we want to help you!

Joshua D. Naggar, Esq. is an leader in the emerging cannabis industry in Perris, the Inland Empire and Southern California.  If you need Cannabusiness Consulting  Joshua D. Naggar is the attorney you need to call!  Our marijuana legal consulting clients include cannabis dispensaries, cannabis cultivators, medical cannabis patients, cannabis investors and cannabis entrepreneurs.  Joshua D. Naggar is a Perris attorney and is proud of helping marijuana entrepreneurs start the business of their dreams, medical marijuana dispensaries to provide patients with the treatment they need and answering anyone’s questions on the laws and regulations surrounding marijuana in the state of California and local marijuana laws and regulations in the Inland Empire, Riverside, Moreno Valley and Perris.

To schedule your cannabis consultation; call, text or email Kate at